Esferas is a student and alumni initiative within New York University’s Department of Spanish & Portuguese.

We are a peer-reviewed, annual publication that publishes exceptional critical essays, visual art, creative writing, interviews, translations, and works related to Hispanic and Luso life within and beyond New York City.

Esferas, “sphere” in both Spanish and Portuguese, is the fusion of compelling images, distinctive voices, and multidisciplinary views. It is the ever-changing shape and infinite flow of our intellectual and creative pursuits.

To submit photography, fiction, poetry, visual arts, or academic research to our next issue, please email your submission to esferas.submissions@gmail.com with “SUBMISSION” in the subject heading. Please accompany your submission with a 100- to 150-word third-person biography detailing your academic and/or artistic work. Submissions are welcome in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuñol, and Spanglish.

Critical pieces should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.